MOUNTAIN WITCH Extinct cults Lp Distro 12" Lp


A small step for the listener, a big step for the band! MOUNTAIN WITCH bring very cool BLACK SABBATH-Worship Retrorock with their own note in a vintage analog sound, played with a lot of passion and a good feeling for catchy melodies and harmonies. Doom rock that doesn't rely on just dragging and grinding, but rather pushes at mid-tempo and brings that certain 70s hard rock groove feeling, not least due to the airy, open sound.

This is the third long-playing record after "Cold River" and "Burning Village", the band is no longer in 1970, but now around 1976, there are a number of sunny, rocky passages, which can be heard in the opener "Worship You", see above that the band no longer only has to be recommended to KADAVAR or HEAT fans, but also fans of - I say - CREAM or very old SCORPIONS or very early MOTÖRHEAD of the brand "Leaving Here" as in the uptempo title song.
What's new at MOUNTAIN WITCH?

Significantly more melodic than before and vocally much stronger and more solid! I find the background vocals strikingly new, which significantly improves many parts compared to older songs. I can already see my fists going up!

The band obviously worked hard on songwriting so as not to do exactly the same thing as before, you can tell, and luckily they have remained true to themselves and never leave the chosen genre: the best case for any band if they can do it .

In addition to the more open mood and the very good singing, the increased use of organs or synths is also noticeable. And: it's not that the band no longer rocks, on the contrary, but you no longer just rely on the dark program, but rather focus on good songs and melodies that get stuck. You can actually compare the development with that of BLACK SABBATH from the first record to the Never Say Die, if you understand what I mean! With ?Capping Day? there is also a classic doom number, don't worry. (Black Heaven)