FJØRT/FJORT – D’accord LP Distro 12" Lp


The ten songs on "D'accord" now add another dimension to the already laid FJØRT foundation - they interlock, stack, experiment and devastate, with an incredible range and variety. FJØRT can be quiet and loud, but also epic and short & crisp. They play with elements that would fit on a Turbostaat or Pascow record as well as on a Piano Become The Teeth record. And the exciting thing is that it sounds awesome without being strained!

If you want to think in terms of pigeonholes, then I'll put it this way: this could be the hardcore record for the actual punk fan, and that's because the vocals build the bridge. Vocally, this might be the really pissed off Jan from Turbostaat conjuring up dark images to a Tidal Sleep-like soundtrack. Somewhere between early Escapado, The Wave bands and gloomy Post Rock!